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Air Conditioner

Symphony DiET 22i Water Cooler - 42 m3, 170w - DIET22I
24000BTU Invertor Aircon Outdoor H/C Maldives - AR24JSFPAWQXFA
Aircon 12000 BTU Inv Indoor Maldives - AR12JSFPAWQNFA
Samsung Maldives 9000BTU Inverter Aircon Split Unit - AR09JSFPAWQXFA
Aircon 12000 BTU Inverter Outdoor Maldives - AR12JSFPAWQXFA
Aircon 18000BTU Invertor Indoor H/C Maldives - AR18JSFPAWQNFA
Maldives Wall-mount AC with Full HD Filter, 9000 BTU/h - AR09JSFPAWQNFA
Aircon 24000BTU Invertor Indoor H/C Maldives - AR24JSFPAWQNFA
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